Rivers and Skies -  3D Sonic Immersion Concerts


A series of 3D Sonic Immersion musical journeys that celebrate the great rivers of the world. Rivers, like music, are constantly flowing, changing and evolving while at the same time staying very much the same. In these surround concerts Steve captures the essence of each river by observing the geology, contours, journey and cultural influence unique to each one. He then creates unique melodic and harmonic atmospheres that swirl in and around the audience, sonically immersing them in the music and taking them on a transformative audio journey.


Steve performs his Night Sky series of 3D Sonic Immersion planetarium concerts by creating melodic soundscapes derived and inspired by the currently visible constellations, planets and other "objects" in the night sky. The sky is filled with mystery and wonder, and different terrestrial locations reveal an ever changing variety of celestial objects. Steve’s Night Sky Immersions evolve and transform enveloping the audience in a surround sound universe unique to each planetarium’s time and place.


To book performances, masteclasses and residencies, please inquire at bookings@steveHmusic.com