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Steve H’s immersive, surround performances have entranced audiences from San Francisco to Berlin. His music with its glistening harmonies, evolving textures and echoing rhythms is influenced by waves, eddies, spirals, harmonigraphics and Fibonacci ratios. It swirls around and through the audience involving them in a 3D sonic journey. Steve’s main instruments are the ones designed by the great instrument maker Donald Buchla who designed Steve’s first “Buchla” in 1976. He sends his variety of Buchla instruments and ZenDrum into his proprietary Logic Pro X surround/quad 3D panning environments and processing algorithms, creating rich audio soundscapes filled with intricately shifting timbres and cascading rhythms. 

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As a composer, musical adventurer and educator, Steve Horelick's career encompasses a wide spectrum of the music universe. He performs live electronic SurroundScape™concerts. He is a founding member of the Electric Art Ensemble who Bob Moog christened as "virtuosic sonic sculptors". He is well known for his iconic soundtracks, songs and scores for TV, film and games like Reading Rainbow. His TV credits include more than 350 episodes, encompassing such award-winning children productions as PBS's Reading Rainbow for which he composed the iconic, Buchla generated "Butterfly in the Sky" theme song. Other credits include Shining Time Station, The Puzzle Place, and The Magic Adventures of Mumfie. His film score credits include everything from a 80's cult-horror classic to HBO's legendary baseball documentary series "When It Was a Game," which earned him his first EMMY nomination. He has also won many other awards, including the prestigious Gold at New York Film Festival, for his many TV and advertising soundtracks. 

As an educator and lecturer he has taught songwriting, synthesis and film scoring at Queens College and City College in New York City. He is currently the publisher and Executive VP at NonLinear Educating, Inc. where he produces all the content for their macProVideo, AskVideo online education websites.

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