Steve Horelick 
Composer, performer, educator and musical adventurer.



With credits on over 350 TV episodes and film, Steve Horelick is the mastermind behind some of television's most cherished music. His iconic compositions include the nostalgic "Butterfly in the Sky" theme song from PBS's Reading Rainbow, the outrageous jukebox band of Shiningtime Station, and the evocative themes from HBO's "When It Was A Game". Beyond crafting scores, Steve's tunes have been performed by Jimmy Fallon, Bobby McFerrin, John Legend, Chaka Khan, Phoebe Snow, Patti LaBelle, John Sebastian, and even Kermit the Frog. 

While his multiple EMMY nods and a Gold at the New York Film Festival affirm his skill in the TV/film realm, Steve H's sonic influence stretches well beyond. Known for his synthesizer surround performances and recordings, his music shimmers with harmonies, drawing inspiration from the elegance of nature's waves, spirals, and the mathematical artistry of harmonigraphics and Fibonacci sequences. Performing on the expressive Buchla electronic music instruments and an array of controllers, Steve creates live surround/quad 3D listening experiences. The result is a mesmerizing audio canvas filled with vivid timbres and rhythmic depth.

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