Reading Rainbow Theme Song    " of the catchiest tunes in theme-song history."    Rolling Stone 6/14


Experimental musician, composer and musical adventurer Steve H, AKA Steve Horelick and Steve Heroic), is known for his soundtracks, songs and scores for TV, film and games. His TV credits include more than 350 episodes, encompassing such award-winning productions as PBS's Reading Rainbow (featuring the world's 1st all electronic theme song), Shining Time Station, The Puzzle Place. and The Magic Adventures of Mumfie. He has scored films ranging  from 80's cult-horror classics to HBO's legendary baseball documentary series "When It Was a Game," which earned him his first EMMY nomination. He has also won many other awards for his TV and advertising soundtracks including the New York Film Festival award.

Steve H's true passion is electronic music. He was a founding member of the acclaimed noise band, The Electronic Art Ensemble. He current performs ephemeral minimalist and often outrageous electronic 3D Surround Immersion soundscapes on his Buchla 200e & Easel, extensive Eurorack system. 

Steve is an elearning innovator. He is the Publisher/Partner –in charge of content creation, acquisition and production–  for NonLinear Educating, Inc.'s, and Ask.Audio online video education websites. The sites currently provides more than 60,000 tutorial-videos comprising more than 2000 hours of seriously informative streaming, download and app-based courses. These carefully vetted courses are authored by a select group of renowned artists, trainers and educators from all over the world, explaining  high-end skills and techniques for creative professionals.


Steve is a volunteer firefighter in a village on the Hudson River in New York.