Oceana EP

This EP, Oceana, takes you on an emotional, sonic journey exploring he Ocean from its surface to the deepest, darkest depths and back again. Steve H says:

"Oceana begins, quite appropriately, in the pentatonic mode slowly building up complex layers of filtering bubbling, melodic, effervescent wash. It then slowly and imperceptibly submerges the listener deeper into its mysterious, reverberated depths as the musical modes shift to lydian, ionian and then completely devolve into dark layers of gong-like natural dissonance. It, then, briefly attempts to return to the surface with the reappearance of the pentatonic bubbles, but surprisingly a rhythmic Buchla solo halts the progress as it takes another plunge even deeper into the darkest trenches as the composition transitions into the natural minor scale. Finally, it suddenly rises back to the surface and into the glorious, shimmering sunlight."

Oceana is infused with shimmering reverbs, loops and echos, inspired by Fibonacci (spiraling) ratios, designed to infinitely perpetuate the verisimilitude of the nature world. 

Oceana is performed live, in surround, on the Buchla 200e electronic music instrument and later mixed and mastered to stereo at Steve H's New York studio.

Buchla Now

Buchla Now Cassette and Digital Download

Buchla Now Cassette and Digital Download

Limited edition Buchla Now cassette/download!! 

Check out my latest composition, "Spirals of an Inner Life" in a collection called Buchla Now. It includes music by several extraordinary musicians who are masters of Buchla's electronic music instruments: Marcia Bassett, Suzanne Ciani, Dan Deacon, Jonathan Fitoussi, Steve Horelick, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Hans Tammen, and compilation curator Todd Barton. I'm so thrilled to a part of this historic release. 


Buchla Now is being released as a 300-copy limited edition cassette with 3-color risograph printed artwork by Wilson Ward Kemp as well as digital-download codes included with each cassette.


The beautiful and haunting NEW CD, interSonic, by synth-wiz, STEVE HORELICK and JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater) , features 11 tracks + a download card which includes 3 bonus tracks exclusive to the CD. 

As Steve and Jordan describe interSonic: “When we assemble our collection of electronic and acoustic instruments, we’re setting up our sonic canvas. Will the music be tonal or textural? Who knows? A wonderful, initial state of uncertainty fills the air...Keys are pressed. We listen. Knobs are turned. We respond. Touchplates are activated and music begins to flow from our minds through our fingers into the real world. It’s magic. Our very personal magic.” 

interSonic YouTube Promo Video