Steve’s and Clive’s collective performances have mesmerized audiences from the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York to diverse venues across Toronto and beyond. Their reunion promises a deep dive into immersive auditory experiences, where each sound is meticulously crafted to transport the listener through space and sound.

Utilizing his array of Buchla electronic music instruments, Steve orchestrates live surround/quad 3D listening experiences that are as enveloping as they are mesmerizing. Steve’s musical genius extends to television, where he has composed original songs and scores for over 350 episodes of various award-winning productions. Among his notable contributions is the Buchla generated, iconic “Butterfly in the Sky” theme song for PBS’s acclaimed series, “Reading Rainbow.”

Clive embarked on his sonic exploration journey in his early teens, coaxing ethereal sounds from his electric guitar and effects pedals. His quest for sonic innovation led him through the use of Buchla modular synthesizers, Fairlight CMIs, and the Acxel Resynthesizer. Today, Clive’s performance setup integrates electric guitar, pedals, keyboard, controllers, and laptop, allowing him to draw upon his extensive experience with both analog and digital instruments to create a unique and enveloping sound environment.

Together, Steve and Clive’s partnership on stage at Cosmic Crossings represents a harmonious blend of their individual journeys and shared passion for exploring the vast possibilities of electronic music. Their performance is not just a reunion but a celebration of their contributions to the world of sound, inviting audiences to experience the depth and dimension of their musical explorations.